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The Gerard Street Boys did two things most uncommon to the other boys in surrounding neighborhoods. One, they hunted the night skies for aliens. And two, they included a girl in all their adventures, in all their growing up, and in all their education of both the worldly and otherworldly kind. At first, they were known as just those creepy kids over on Gerard Street because of their unwavering affection for aliens and all that was alien. As they grew older, their behavior boosted their rank to that of the creepiest.

The Ancient Hunter above watched from his thundercraft and recorded the children’s development and their advancement toward their ever-looming first encounter. He peeled the scales from his forearm and speculated about whether or not he would have to kill them before they remembered their real mission.

Will it be different this time? he wondered.

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As the clack, clack, clack and shrill cry of the Night Terrors became louder, Dae froze.
“Dream!” Evan yelled into her ear. But the clacking and the piercing cry wrapped icy tendrils around the pons region of her brain, trapping it and urging a flight response.
“Dream,” Evan screamed again.
“I can’t!” Dae cried. “I am too scared!”
“Dream, Dae! Dream, dammit! Dream. Or Die!”
“They’ll eat us alive!” Her flight mode activated and alerted the NTs. Two Terrors headed toward her. She turned to run.
Evan grabbed her shoulders, turned her to him, and placed his hands on the sides of her face, forcing her to look at him. “Dae, dream. You must. Please,” he begged and whispered. She caught the deep blue of his eyes in hers. The dream was there. Waiting.

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On off nights, The Big Chief Drive-In featured row after row of outmoded speakers who spoke to no one and glistened under star-studded heavens like metal scarecrows, naked and abandoned.

But this night.
Oh, this night.

Teens in their Halloween costumes pranced from one car to another. Beds of pickups and trunks of cars unleashed hordes of zombies, vampires, witches, ghouls, and goblins—some the likes never seen on Earth—all to the delight of moviegoers.

“You know tonight is a double whammy, spooky-dooky Halloween?” OCD tells Ratso. They are employed at The Big Chief.

The statement proves to be more than a comical remark when OCD, Ratso, and their coworkers discover a parking lot full of abandoned cars and ask a chilling question.

What happened to all the people?

Sparkers is a novella written for readers with a serious addiction to classic movies and a love of the unknown.


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Rio Rae Rose shoveled the last of the loose dirt on top of the body and hopped down into the hole. She smoothed over the site with her dad’s old rake.
She paced back and forth over the grave in calculated formations making sure her boots left indentions—like the workers had—before her tampering.
Would such evil remain buried? She wondered when she made her last lap over her six-foot-deep secret.
The question began its evolutionary journey in the thoughts she kept hidden from everyone.
Everyone but one.

In Novella 4 of the The Creep Mesquite Anthology, Clara Bush infuses her love of science fiction and aliens with ghosts and passion in a story of horror that leaves her reader ready for the fifth and final adventure of the alien hunters.

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