Our Portfolio

Here you will find a list of books we’ve either formatted, edited, or both. Click on the covers to be taken to the books services page to see some of our work.

23497944DarklingTideCoverLamentCoverChosenCoverFiresOfMuspelheimCoverCallOfWinterCoverWhatLiesBehindCoverDeadOfSanguineNightCoverDragonBornCoverDragonPlaguedTheBondsOfBloodCover TheMirrorOfTheMoonCover TheWellOfWyrdingCoverAGuardianOfShadowsCoverOnWingsOfChaosCoverTheTurquoiseTowerCoverTheCompleteRevenantWyrdSagaCover




HisSecretLoveCoverHisFiveNightStandCoverHisFourPosterBedCoverHisThreePieceSuitCover HisGildedCageCover

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