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Manuscript Format & Kindle Book Format Services with Travis

Meet Travis

We no longer accept non-fiction for formatting

I’ve been formatting books now for over a year. I pride myself on a fast, friendly, and inexpensive experience. I’ve been a self-published author since 2009, and I love helping new authors and new publishers with the whole self-publishing scene. I will help you build your book, and if I see something out of place, or have suggestions for front or back matter that will help you bring in customers, I will be sure to let you know!



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I’ve worked with numerous authors including Clara Bush, Dexx Peay, Sharon Van Orman, Stephanie Beavers and many others (click the names to see a sample of their formats). I’ve also helped PDMI Publishing with numerous formatting jobs. What You Can Expect with Kindle book format and other Ebook formatting ePub and Mobi files that are clean, crisp, and have the perfect feel that captures your project.

kindle book format, manuscript format  kindle book format, manuscript format

kindle book format, manuscript format  Eric Chapter

kindle book format, manuscript format                                               A Discovery

Print They provide a challenge that you can’t get in eBooks, and I love the work. I’ve been working with print books for nearly as long as I have eBooks. My clients include Sharon Van Orman, Dexx Peay, and Stephanie Beavers (click the names to see a sample of their formats). What You Can Expect With Print manuscript format: PDF files that are clean, crisp, and have the perfect feel that captures your project with great headers, footers, and chapters.

Please note, at this time I’m not accepting books heavy in images, graphs, or charts. Please email me for more details.

kindle book format, manuscript format  kindle book format, manuscript format


  • Ebook Package (includes formatting for Mobi (kindle book format) & epub): $70
  • Individual ebook (formatting for either Mobi (kindle book format) or epub): $40
  • Print manuscript format: $70
  • 3 in 1 package (includes both ebook formats and a print format): $130

Please contact Travis through the form below.

Add on features

  • Allow Wyrding Ways Press to decide interior of your manuscript format: $10 extra


If you would like more information on our kindle book format or other manuscript format, please send us an email:


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5 comments on “Manuscript Format & Kindle Book Design Services
  1. “Travis was so responsive with questions and concerns. He also did a beautiful job with the final product and was open to changes and feedback. I will use him for all my future self-publishing needs!”

  2. Dexx Peay says:

    Wyrding Ways Press is FANtastic! Professional and comfortable to the point where I felt like I was working with my best friend. The turnaround time was great and the formatting and interior matched my needs. I will be using Wyrding Ways Press for all my formatting needs! Thanks Travis!

  3. Wyrding Ways Press has earned a forever stalker! Stalker, customer, same thing. Travis is a true professional with lightning fast response times, and he’ll make your book look gooooood. The prices are just right, too. Thank you, Wyrding Ways Press!

  4. Travis was AWESOME to work with – fast, patient, and professional. Very satisfied with the look of my paperback and can’t wait to see it in print. Highly recommend him to other indie authors!

  5. Mignon says:

    Travis was awesome and made the process sooo easy. I wish I found this service sooner. When I think about how much time I could have saved in the past, I literally have to give myself a forehead slap. I’m planning on several more books and Wyrding Ways and Travis will be part of it. I’m definitely coming back.

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