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Ghostwriting author with seven years publishing experience and twenty published titles. Has worked in a variety of genres ranging from sci-fi romance, young adult fantasy, and erotica. Strives to bring characters to life with situations readers can relate to and feel as well as see. Aiming to bring my knowledge of the written word, to your company and clients.


  • Freelancer with Gotham Ghostwriting
  • Experience creating believable characters.
  • Experience creating vivid worlds.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word.
  • Experience maintaining a blog.
  • Experience partnering with clients on projects for publication.
  • Great ratings for published works on amazon.
  • Has a devoted following of readers.
  • Has a great command of the written word.


  • Believes in ghostwriting utilizing Murphy’s Law.
  • Brings scenes to life with few words.
  • Keeps characters true to themselves.
  • Maintains and writes blog posts.
  • Maintains an aggressive word count goal of 3,000-5,000 words written per day.
  • Partners with clients for excellent project outcomes.
  • Works within Microsoft Word.


  • Freelance ghostwriting with Gotham Ghostwriters 2016-present.
  • Self-published author from 2009-present.
    • Adheres to a competitive and challenging publishing schedule to keep fresh books available to his readers.
    • Has increased his catalog of works from one book to over twenty self-published titles.
    • Has work with blogging to promote his work and his credibility.
    • Has maintained a social media and newsletter presence to keep in contact with his readers.
    • Has increased his skill with editing, word usage, and grammar as an occupational advantage.
    • Works well with his editor, cover artist, and readers.
  • Book formatter with Wyrding Ways Press from 2011-present
  • Has worked closely with clients on projects to ensure their security in publishing, as well as capturing the magic of their works.
  • Helps clients with basic publishing questions as well as pointing them in the right direction to help maximize their success.


  • Helpful mind and wealth of publishing know-how to bring to his ghostwriting.
  • Familiar and savvy with Microsoft Word.
  • Familiar with blogging and keyword density.
  • Good with time management and deadlines.
  • Works well with a team as well as independently.

List of works:

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